Bombshell: Investigation exposes deceptive misinformation by U.S prosecutors and FBI agents in the indictment and prosecution of Nigerians

My Story in Parts

Part One

While the common perception of the US justice system is that it is fair and just; the evidence found from this investigation reveals the exact opposite. Also, based on this investigation, it appears that there are two justice systems in the U.S., one that applies to whites, and one that applies to racial minorities - especially blacks. Read more

Part Two

The investigation revealed a very troubling pattern throughout Abegunde's case. This troubling pattern manifested in the form of the elevation of mere unsubstantiated allegations to the level of sacred truth, and a concomitant continuous rejection of actual evidence. This was the recurring theme from the initial indictment, through the arrest, the bond hearing, the superseding indictment, the trial, the motion for judgement of acquittal due to insufficient evidence, sentencing, and the appeals. Read more

Part Three

The initial indictment charged Abegunde and Ojo with the same exact Counts of Wire Fraud Conspiracy, Money Laundering Conspiracy and Aggravated Identity Theft. Read more

Part Four

As we have seen, besides the Wire Fraud Conspiracy Count, Abegunde and Ojo were charged with two other counts. They were also charged with Money Laundering Conspiracy which is punishable by up to 20 years in prison; and Aggravated Identity Theft which is punishable by an additional two years in prison consecutive to any other sentence imposed. Read more.

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