Relevant Documents

Attached below are documents evidencing the legitimacy of Mr Abegunde's business.

Mr Abegunde's Employer ID Number

Mr Abegunde's assigned Employer Indentification Number by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after application

MSB Registration Status information

Mr Abegunde's business assigned MSB registration number by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Department of the Treasury

Certificate of Business Inc.

Mr Abegunde's Business' Certificate of incorporation by the Secretary of State and the Corporation Commissioner of the State of Georgia.

DBA (Doing Business As) Registration

Application forwarded to the State of Georgia County of Fulton by Mr Abegunde certifying he's conducting a business in Atlanta.

GA Licensing for Money Transmission

Mr. Abegunde's business gets licensed by the state of Georgia to engage in the business of Money Transmission.

Georgia Money Transmitter License Renewal Approval

Mr. Abegunde's business gets approval for license renewal by the state of Georgia.

CBN Letter of Approval

Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) management approval-in-principle for Mr. Abegunde's company to commence operations.

CBN Notice of Returns Delay

CBN's notice to Mr. Abegunde of no returns received from his company after he was detained.

Import License & Permit under Federal Alocohol Administration Act

Mr. Abegunde business granted permit by the Department of Treasury - Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Fine for Failure to File Timely Quarterly Reports

Mr. Abegunde while in custody receives a notice of fine for failure to file timely quarterly Reports.

Notice for filing of Business Report

Mr. Abegunde while in custody was served a notice requiring submission of a Money Services Businesses Call Report for his business.

Due $1000 Agency Fee

Mr. Abegunde while in custody was served a notice by the NMLS regarding due agency fee.

Another Filing Reminder

Mr. Abegunde while in custody was sent another reminder for submission of his business quarterly reports.

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